Tuesday, May 14, 2013


the big red car is continuing North, passing by huge farms, tiny towns and beautiful coastlines. i've been delighted by the cute mid-west town of Northampton, famous for it's annual airing of the quilts from the old buildings lining the highway. i found a well stocked general store with a better range of yarn than in my home town and an old shop being used as a communal sewing room. i almost missed my ride as i rummaged through the doilies in the op-shop, but safely stashed my treasures in the caravan!

Northampton church

heading further north, the scenery changed to scrubby dunes and dark red dirt as we made our way towards Denham. i was inspired by the colours of the bush and scribbled furiously in my journal as we went; eucalypt, spinifex, rust, taupe and steel. we camped that night at Eagle Bay, a beach side stopover without any facilities and no phone signal but utterly peaceful.

Eagle Bay

today it's back to civilisation and continuing in the tourist theme, we will be going to Monkey Mia tomorrow to see the dolphin feeding. a benefit of the long distances between towns means lots of knitting gets done and i've finished my fallen leaves shawl and started a new project. what i should be doing is studying my accounting books, but it's difficult when the view from the window looks so inviting...

looking out my back door

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