Tuesday, November 5, 2013

pattern magic in grey marle

i've had some questions about what's happened to this old blog lately and it's not that i haven't been doing anything, i just haven't wanted to blog about it. but in the interests of sisterly love (you know who you are), i'm going to make an effort to share what i've been making.

to start off, something a little odd. it seems i'm late to jump on the Pattern Magic bandwagon, but jump on i have, with gusto! my first few projects were made using the slopers provided in the book, but i quickly realised i do not have a Japanese physique, so these got passed on to my beanpole daughter. after trawling the interwebs, i noticed most people worked off their personal blocks to make the patterns, so i am doing the same.

normal front view

back with hoody section

this top is from Pattern Magic 3 for stretch fabrics and it is very quick and easy to draft and sew. i'm not entirely sure if i got the fit right because the back is not shown in the book. i might still take a smidge off the overarm/hoody seam to reduce the fullness in the back and pull the front neckline lower. i used some mystery remnants of soft grey marle jersey and the top is very comfortable and feels quite "normal" to wear.



 i couldn't resist trying out the hood as pictured in the book, but posing in my own special way! stay tuned for more pattern magic soon, this is too much fun to stop.

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